viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2016

Un globo del mundo

Los alumnos de 2º de primaria han realizado en las últimas semanas un proyecto llamado "un globo del mundo" en el área  de Social Sciences.
Para la elaboración de este producto final se necesitaron los siguientes materiales:

  • Un globo
  • Una cuerda 
  • Cola 
  • Agua 
  • Papel de  periódico
  • Pintura azul y verde
  • Una plantilla del mapa del mundo

Todos los alumnos que  realizaron el proyecto pusieron mucho interés y entusiasmo  para llevarlo a cabo.  Agradecemos su colaboración por su esfuerzo y también  a quienes colaboraron con ellos.
Con su realización  contribuyeron al repaso de los contenidos de la unidad "Our world".

El resultado final se puede ver en la siguiente galería de imágenes que han sido tomadas en las dos clases de 2º de primaria.

sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2016


My First Month as an English Teaching Assistant At Salvador Allende-By Ariana Godman

My experience thus far at the school has been great. All the staff is very welcoming and willing to help with any questions. I am assisting in the Social Science classes for each grade and a few Natural Science and English classes. ! I am very inspired by these young people. It is really amazing to me that they are learning complex topics such as reproduction and about how the universe works in a second language.

 My first week of school was very memorable. Everyday for a week I visited different classes for the first time. It was very fun to get to know everyone. First, the students introduced themselves to me, and then they had the opportunities to ask me questions about myself in English. I would then write the answer to their questions on the board.  At the end of class I erased the answers and tested their comprehension. They then each drew a picture of me andthings I told them I like. Many of the students gave me their drawing after they had finished. It was very fun to show my husband 50+ drawing of myself.  I loved seeing how each child expressed something different and to visually see that they had understood what I had told them about myself in English.

Mostly what I have been asked to do in class is read text aloud and help with pronunciation. I also sometime get to explain a little about a topic in my own words or ask the students questions over the topic they are studying to help test their listening stills. I also go around and try to help students one on one with a topic or work with them in small groups of about 4. I also did a PowerPoint presentation for the classes about my family and my country.

The cherry on top for me this month was getting to going on a field trip with the 6th graders. We went to a film festival at the University of Malaga and watched Hotel Transylvania 2. It was very fun to celebrate Halloween outside of the school with the kids. I look forward to the opportunity to go other field trips together and for what is yet to come this year! J